Native Mobile App Development

VIVT Technologies provides top-tier native mobile app development in the UK, USA, and UAE. Our experienced team uses cutting-edge technologies to create user-friendly, interactive, and dynamic mobile applications. We stay on top of  consumer trends, having successfully deployed hundreds of apps on platforms like iTunes and the Play Store. Specializing in end-to-end services, we cater to diverse needs such as Business, Education, Entertainment, and Gaming. We work within any budget, ensuring the best native app for your business.

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Cost Effective IOS App Development

VIVT Technologies is a leading iOS app development company in the UK, specializing in high-quality, bug-free iPhone apps. We offer top-notch iPhone app development services globally, ensuring timely delivery for businesses, startups, and enterprises.

Our process-oriented approach guarantees robust and high-standard iOS applications tailored to your needs. We serve a wide range of clients, from enterprises to mass consumers, translating visions into functional iPhone and iPad apps.


Android App Development

VIVT offers exceptional Android app development to elevate your business. If you're looking to bring your idea to the Google Play Store, our cost-effective services are perfect for you. Our expert developers ensure your vision becomes a successful, productive app, tailored to your business goals.

Our experienced developers have successfully deployed hundreds of apps across various business segments, making us a top choice for Android app development.


Wearable App Development

Wearable apps are increasingly popular in today's digital age. With extensive experience across various industries, VIVT develops innovative wearable apps for self-defense, contactless payments, health tracking, attendance, and more.

Our team excels in designing wearable technology applications, enhancing user experience for smartwatches and other devices. Our expertise and commitment have earned us a long list of satisfied clients.

Payment Solution

Contactless payments via a wearable device. Wearable device act as an authentication media for transactions.

Web Development

VIVT Technologies is a leading offshore web development company with over 800 successful web solutions delivered. Our experienced developers create robust, secure, and dynamic web applications tailored to your business needs.We specialize in cost-effective cloud-based web applications, accessible via browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. These include E-commerce apps, enterprise solutions, CMS, CRM, and HRMS.

Enterprise Web Applications

We cater to all your ERP needs with cloud-based applications tailored to your business operations, accessible via public and private networks.

CMS Web Development

Manage your web applications with popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, or create a custom web app tailored to your needs.

Ecommerce Web Solutions

Boost your sales and revenue with the latest web techniques. Ideal for the retail industry, e-commerce, and selling tangible products effectively.

Vulnerability & Security

Our dedicated security team identifies and fixes web vulnerabilities in your online applications and provides measures to protect your web  apps.

Portal Web Development

Our web development experts create high-traffic, feature-rich portals, turning your custom requirements into engaging, user-attracting applications.

Food Delivery Web Portal

We have vast experience in developing custom food delivery web portal for catering online delivery services for multi-restaurants.

Bespoke Web Development

CRM | Business resource planning | Attorney cases Management | Human Resource Mgt. | Intranet Applications | Insurance claim Mgt.

Fleet / Resource Mgt.

We specialize in developing solutions to help businesses organize and track resources like manpower, transport, and raw materials, ensuring they reach their full potential.

Cloud Apps

Technologies like ASP.NET, PHP, Java/J2EE, and Cold Fusion enable us to convert business processes and legacy applications into web-enabled cloud applications.


We offer services to design & develop a web / mobile solution of any kind of customer relationship management program according to your business marketing custom process.

Intranet Apps

Our business experts analyse your current business operations and advice you where & how you transform your traditional methods to new IT automation systems for business growth.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing opens doors to vast exposure for your business. VIVT Technologies, an online marketing agency, caters to businesses of all sizes.Having an online presence is crucial in today's digital landscape. Our experts craft strategies to promote your business across search engines, social media, and other platforms where your target audience spends time.

Social Media Marketing

Social websites are where your customers engage with friends and interests. Connect with your clients through social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimize your website to get traffic from popular search engines. Leads come from search engine have a high rate of conversion.

Content Marketing

Content is the king; Search engines define your business with the freshness of content you are spreading on the internet.

Mobile App Marketing

Having a mobile app with good numbers of downloads can be fulfilled by marketing your mobile app through many strategies.

Online Branding

Brand positioning in the online world is essential for every business now. We help in making your online identity.

Reputation Management

In the digital world making your brand positioning with positive marks is essential to spread trust & believes among your customers.

Accounting Is just the start

We process your transactions daily, just like an internal accounting department. Our expert accountants can handle the following accounting functions

Real-time transaction processing

Payroll processing

Sales invoicing

Management reporting

Vendor bill payment

Budgeting, forecasting, KPI trending

Outsource E-Commerce Store Management

Manage Your Online Store with Our Expert E-Commerce Admin Services Looking to open or manage an online store? VIVT offers top-tier E-Commerce store management to keep your store updated and running smoothly.

Our comprehensive services streamline your daily operations, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Our multi-talented team handles all aspects of your E-Commerce store efficiently.

store management

Full Backend store Management

Product ASIN Listing and Enrichment

Our E-Commerce store management services help you add new products and improve existing ones. Our Seller Central experts handle high volumes of product listings quickly and accurately. We also excel in text development and image optimization to enhance your listings.

Marketing and Demand Generation

Our E-Commerce seller central experts can work to maximize your product's reach and assure your brand's success. Furthermore, with more frequent additions, our specific marketing methods assist in maintaining the current consumer base intact.

Customer Support & Complain Handling

Choose our E-Commerce store management services. We will ensure that our E-Commerce marketplace professionals can courteously reply to every customer communication and immediately solve all of their issues, day or night. We will go above and above to ensure customer satisfaction through our help.


Inventory Sales, Order, Invoicing, Vendor, Dispatch Management

Our E-Commerce experts adapt to your needs, handling order processing, inventory management, and monitoring. Our VAs oversee stock availability, demand, and fulfillment, providing recommendations to keep inventory and supply aligned.

E-Commerce Order Processing

From the moment an order is placed, our experts provide support by verifying product availability and shipping options. We offer real-time order status updates and automatic shipment and delivery information, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Order Entry and Management

We know the importance of keeping an updated database of all the customer orders you have received. You can expect our experts to edit and store all the critical order information in your desired format.

Inventory Tracking and Management

To avoid stock-outs and overselling, we keep track of the stock levels, monitor inventory changes, and update the status regularly. Our experts can upload bulk inventory and also provide the list of essential product variants.

Shipment Processing

As a part of E-Commerce order processing services, we offer you product shipment processing services. Our team can handle all the information such as carrier, dispatch scheduling, consignee’s address and mode of transportation, etc., to ensure smooth product delivery to your customers.

Post-Order Support

Outsource order processing to VIVT, and rest assured that your post-sales support is taken care of. Our expert team can process returns and replacements. We update the return status and product refund or change the order’s status as a return request, as per the requirement.

Catalogue Update & Maintenance

Our E-Commerce services focus on optimizing product listings to increase visibility, boost A+ content, and improve conversion rates.

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Edit Product Images

We deliver professional, high-quality images tailored to your needs, adhering to E-Commerce standards and offering various images.

Intuitive Product Categorization

We categorize products for easy navigation, using international coding systems to ensure a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Seller Central Management

We at VIVT provide E-Commerce Seller Central Management Services that will be ideal for you if you are a third party seller. Our E-Commerce seller central experts can provide high-quality, accurate product data with all the information your customers need. Not only will the product description allow the item to be searched, but it can also entice shoppers to purchase the items that they are interested in. 

As a part of seller central management services, we assist sellers like you who wish to have quality product listings. We also provide services for managing your inventory and processing the orders of your customers.